3D Jelly T

IN THE PIPELINE. Following up on her 3D hit "Freddy Frogface", producer Nina Crone has a new 3D film coming out this spring, "Jelly T", opening in Denmark on 16 May.

"Freddy Frogface" was a popular and critical success last summer for Crone Film. Sales agent Sola Media has now sold the 3D animated feature to more than 40 countries and is negotiating to add even more territories.

Less than a year later, Crone Film is presenting another 3D animated feature based on a classic children's book by Ole Lund Kirkegaard, the Danish author beloved for his unique brand of absurd humour and special fondness for antiheroes.

"Jelly T"'s Ivan is a kid who is teased at school and yelled at at home. But that all changes when he meets a witch who gives him superstrength, so he is as strong as Tarzan.

A teaser-trailer was shown at American Film Market and the film has already been pre-sold to several territories.

"Jelly T" is directed by Michael Hegner, who also directed the animated features "Niko & the Way to the Stars", "The Ugly Duckling and Me" and "Help! I'm a Fish".

Crone Film has another Ole Lund Kirkegaard adaptation in the pipeline, Otto is a Rhino.

Jelly T

Director Michael Hegner
Screenplay and animation Michael W. Horsten
Production Nina Crone and Erik Wilstrup for Crone Film
International sales Sola Media