5 new Danish feature films

In April and May, five new feature films received a subsidy commitment from the Danish Film Institute's Department for Production and Development:

New features by Fischer Christensen and Arden Oplev:

"Drenge og piger danser"/"Everybody's Dancing"Winner of the Berlin Silver Bear in 2006 for her feature film debut "A Soap", Pernille Fischer Christensen, is now in production with her second feature film, the romantic drama: "Everybody's Dancing", co-written by the director herself and Kim Fupz Aakeson. Meta Louise Foldager will produce for Zentropa.

"Everybody's Dancing" is centred round a dance school run by the bright and lively Annika and her no-nonsense mother. One day Annika meets Lasse and falls passionately in love. But there is something Lasse hasn't told her, something he has done that is not so easy to forgive. Confronting an unknown darkness in Lasse, and in her self, Annika is forced to recognize the high cost of saying yes to love. The cast includes Trine Dyrholm ("A Soap", "In Your Hands"), Birthe Neumann ("Festen", "The Sun King") and Anders W. Berthelsen ("Mifune", "Italian for Beginners").

"To Verdener"/English working title "Two World's"Niels Arden Oplev, also a Berlin-winner in 2006 for his feature "We Shall Overcome", will make his fourth feature film, a drama, "Two World's" (working title). The film is co-written by Arden Oplev and Steen Bille. Thomas Heinesen will produce for Nordisk Film.

Arden Oplev's film is about 17-year-old Sara, who is living a sheltered existence with her religiously devout family, when she meets Theis and falls in love. Sara, herself a believer, now faces an important turning point in her life.

Three new animated feature films:
"Æblet & Ormen"/"The Apple and The Worm"This is a road movie animation by Anders Morgenthaler, whose debut "Princess" was selected for Cannes' Directors Fortnight. Scripted by Marie Østerbye and Anders Morgenthaler, "The Apple and The Worm" will be produced by Sarita Christensen for Copenhagen-Bombay.

The film's lead, Torben, is a shiny young apple with a dream: making it to the bright lights of the supermarket fruit section. But his dream is shattered one sunny morning when a worm pokes her head out of his perfect skin. Silvia is her name, and she is really very nice.

"Rejsen til Saturn"/"Journey to Saturn"Directed by Craig Frank, Thorbjørn Christoffersen and Kresten V. Andersen, "Journey to Saturn" is the latest fare from A. Film. The story is written by Nikolaj Arcel and Rasmus Heisterberg, Trine Heidegaard and Anders Mastrup are producers.

This science-fiction spoof, is an animation based on a classic Danish comic book by Claus Deleuran, and featuring interplanetary warfare, immoderate beer drinking, and a visit to the Heavenly Realm. Against all odds, the protagonist, Per, is picked to be the navigator on a Danish space flight to Saturn. Spotting a chance to rekindle an old flame, he doesn't know the mission is doomed to failure. Saturn is already colonised and now Denmark's greed, dreams of an empire and poor judgement are threatening the welfare of the nation.

"Disco ormene"/"Sunshine Barry & The Disco Worms"This 3D animation feature is directed by Thomas Borch Nielsen, scripted by Morten Dragsted and produced by Nina Crone for Disco Ormene ApS.

It is not easy to be Barry. An earthworm gets no respect. He lives at the bottom of the foodchain. But one day an old disco-record turns his life upside down. Suddenly he sees before him his own destiny: the star of the world's greatest discoband: Sunshine Barry & The Disco Worms! Okay, he's got no arms, no rhythm and no band. But as Barry says: "We'll do it anyway!"Expected release for all five films is 2008.

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