60th Anniversary of the DFI Archive & Cinematheque


RELEASESeptember 14, 2001
The Archive &
Cinematheque of the Danish Film Institute (DFI) will celebrate its 60th
anniversary in November 2001. To honour the occasion, the DFI will be
hosting a seminar in Copenhagen entitled: "Preserve - Then Show" from
Sunday 11th to Tuesday 13th November 2000.
Throughout its
history, the DFI Archive & Cinematheque, formerly known as Det Danske
Filmmuseum (1941-1997), has held a prominent position worldwide within the
sector of film preservation. Denmark's prolific output of films prior to
the First World War gave rise to an awareness of the significance of film
already in the 1920s. Consequently the country was among the first to
allocate public funding for the purpose of the preservation of film and
related material.
A number of
international experts within the preservation and conservation of film
will be present at the seminar. Curators who have been responsible for the
restoration of specific film material will discuss the ethical
implications connected with their work. The technical aspects of film
preservation, specifically for nitrate film and the use of digital
technology in restoration are also subjects that will be covered at the
The seminar
"Preserve - Then Show" will be held at the Danish Film Institute, located
at the Film House in the centre of Copenhagen, where public services
include daily screenings in three cinemas, a retail service for video, DVD
and film literature, together with a library, study facilities and a
restaurant and café. An area designed specifically to inspire children
will open in the spring of 2002.
In November the
Cinematheque will showcase restorations of Danish and foreign classics,
among others Fritz Lang's American masterpiece 'The Big Heat', the latest
reconstructed version of his 'Metropolis', Boetticher's 'The Tall T', Carl
Th. Dreyer's 'The President'/'Præsidenten' and William Wyler's 'The
Shakedown', a silent gem thought lost until a few years ago.
For further
information on the seminar programme and registration, please refer to
or contact

Danish Film
InstituteThomas Christensen, Curator Telephone +45 3374