7 Danish films to Hot Docs

FESTIVAL. Seven Danish documentaries and three co-productions have been selected for the Canadian international documentary festival Hot Docs (26 April-6 May 2012).

Danish film is well-represented at this year's Hot Docs. The prestigious documentary film festival in Toronto has selected seven Danish films and three co-productions.

"The Record Breaker" by Brian McGinn, "Polish Illusions" by Jacob Dammas and Helge Renner and "Goodnight Stories from the Axis of Evil" by Vibeke Brylds enjoy their world premiere at the festival, while "The Kid and the Clown" by Ida Grøn has its North American premiere. "Ballroom Dancer" by Christian Bonke and Andreas Kofoed and "Ambassador" Mads Brüggers both screened at IDFA and are now touring North American festivals. "Ballroom Dancer" is currently screening at Tribeca, while "The Ambassador" was selected for Sundance.

Finally, director of "Drive" Nicolas Winding Refn is starring in Phie Ambo's "Gambler" from 2006.

Hot Docs 2012 takes place in Toronto, Canada on 26 April-6 May. 136,000 attending guests makes it the world's second largest documentary festival – after IDFA in Amsterdam.

The Danish productions

• The Record Breaker - directed by Brian McGinn and produced by Mette Heide for Plus Pictures
• Goodnight Stories from the Axis of Evil - directed by Vibeke Brylds and produced by Anna-Maria Kantarius for Upfront Film
• The Kid and the Clown - directed by Ida Grøn and produced by Signe Byrge Sørensen and Anne Köhncke for Final Cut for Real
• Ballroom Dancer - directed by Christian Bonke and Andreas Kofoed and produced by Jakob Nordenhof Jønck for Danish Documentary Production
• The Ambassador - directed by Mads Brügger and produced by Peter Engel for Zentropa Entertainments
• Polish Illusions – directed and produced by Jacob Dammas and Helge Renner
• Gambler – directed by Phie Ambo and produced by Christian Rank and Sigrid Dyekjær for Tju-Bang Film

The co-productions

• The Queen of Versailles - directed by Lauren Greenfield and co-produced by Mette Heide for Plus Pictures. Winner of best direction at Sundance 2012.
• Canned Dreams - directed by Katja Gauriloff and co-produced by Anne Köhncke and Signe Byrge Sørensen for Final Cut for Real. Selected for Berlin 2012.
• The Bastard Sings the Sweetest Song – directed by Christy Garland and coproduced by Louise Køster for Pausefilm. World premiere.