8 films and 8 pitching projects at BUFF

FESTIVAL. Eight Danish films and eight pitching projects have been selected for BUFF, the International Children and Young People’s Film Festival in Malmö (13-17 March).

Danish films have a strong presence at the 29th edition of BUFF, the International Children and Young People’s Film Festival in Malmö, Sweden, opening on Thursday 13 March. Eight Danish films and eight pitching projects will be shown at the festival, and "Rebounce" by Heidi Maria Faisst is selected for the youth film competition.

Read interview with Haidi Maria Faisst

Selected films

  • "Rebounce" by Heidi Maria Faisst, producers Meta Louise Foldager and Jonas Bagger, Zentropa (Competition)
  •  "Freddy Frogface" by Peter Dodd, producers Nina Crone and Erik Wilstrup, Crone Film
  •  "Tigers & Tattoos" by Karla Bengtson, producer Sarita Christensen, Copenhagen Bombay
  •  "Me and My Twin" by Mikala Krogh, producers Stefan Frost, Henrik Underbjerg and Bodil Cold-Ravnkilde, Radiator Film
  •  "The Secret of the Ice Flower" by Jacob Ley, producers Petter Lindblad and Sarita Christensen, Copenhagen Bombay
  •  "13" by Malou Reymann, producers Ea Svenning and Line Sander Egede, Koncern Film
  • "The Prayer" by Emma Balcázar, producer Thomas Heinesen, Nordisk Film
  •  "My Brother Karim" by Asger K. Kallesøe, producer Ditte Milsted, The National Film School of Denmark

Furhermore, producer and co-writer of the animated work in progress "Marco Macaco", Thomas Borch Nielsen, will present clips from the work in proggress at a workshop.


Pitching forum

Eight Danish projects will be pitched at BUFF Financing Forum, a meeting point for Scandinavian producers and financiers. The eight projects range from documentaries and short fiction to animation and cross media games.

  • "Get Santa" by Jacob Ley and producer Petter Lindblad, Copenhagen Bombay. Animation. 80 min. Target audience: Children (5-9)
  • "The Snowflakes" by Thomas Borch Nielsen and producer Nynne Selin Eidnes, Nice Ninja. 3D animation comedy, 85 min. Target audience: Children (7-12)
  • "Cloud Chamber" by Christian Fonnesbech and Vibeke Windeløv, Windeløv/Lassen Interactive Videnskabsfiktion. 10xvarious minutes (15 to 90). Fiction with extensive, scientific non-scientific elements. Target audience: Youth (15-25)
  • "My Family and I" by Ania Hauber and producer Thomas Heurlin, Koncern TV og Filmproduction A/S. Children documentary series. 10x12 minutes. Children (5-7)
  • "Nuka - the Eskimo Diva" by Lene Stæhr and producer Lene Børglum, Space Rocket Nation. Documentary. Target audience: Youth (12-25)
  • "Egor's Entrance" by Katrine Philip and producer Lise Saxstrup, Klassefilm. Documentary. Target audience: Family.
  • "Watch Me" by Kasper Munck and producer Stine Meldgård, Volden Pictures. Short fiction. Target audience: Children (8-12)
  • "1864 – The Game" by Benjamin Salqvist and producer Bjarke Hjort, GearWorks Interactive. Cross Media Game. Target audience: Youth (12-18)