Adi Rukun is "Unforgettable"

THE LOOK OF SILENCE. What do Amy Winehouse, Iris Apfel, and Adi Rukun have in common? They are all "Unforgettables," Cinema Eye's list of this year's most notable and significant nonfiction film subjects – from the films Amy, Iris and The Look of Silence, respectively.

An organisation that celebrates nonfiction filmmaking, Cinema Eye with their annual list highlights the subjects at the heart of some of the year's best films, recognising the collaborative spirit of documentary filmmaking. On this year's 15-person list are the protagonists from three Danish-produced films: Adi Rukun of Joshua Oppenheimer's The Look of Silence, Yula of Hanna Polak's 2014 IDFA winner Something Better to Come, and Paul Mangwana of Camilla Nielsson's Democrats.

Cinema Eye produces the annual Cinema Eye Honors show in January in New York. Since premiering at the Venice Film Festival in 2014, The Look of Silence has amassed countless awards and nominations from around the globe. Earlier in November, the film received a European Film Award nomination, with the winners being announced on 12 December in Berlin.