Admissions to Danish films hit the million mark

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17.03.2005 On
6 March, a little over two months into 2005, Danish films have sold more
than a million tickets in Danish cinemas. This is an extraordinary result,
and it marks a promising start to 2005.
"The Sun King" by Tomas
Villum Jensen opened 11 February with great success and has already sold a
quarter of a million tickets. Ole Christian Madsen's "Nordkraft" also
seems to be on the right track, selling nearly 60.000 tickets in its
opening week. Jacob Thuesen's "Accused" has sold more than 42.000 tickets,
in spite of its controversial theme. Moreover, what looks to be one
of this year's best selling children's films, "Oskar & Josefine", has
sold 224.000 tickets in its first month, and it is still drawing crowds at
The successful result of 2005 can be compared to 2004, when Danish
films only reached the million mark at mid-year, due to a low number of
Danish releases during this period. Part of this year's success can
be found in some of last year's autumn and winter releases that are still
filling seats in Danish cinemas: "The Fakir", "Pusher II - With Blood on
my Hands" and "Lost Generation" have sold a combined 300.000 tickets this
years, and even "King's Game", which opened in October, has been seen by
more than 42.000 Danes in 2005.
Statistics Denmark recently published a report summing up cinema
exhibition results for 2004:
The number of admissions for Danish films 2004 decreased slightly, but
retained, for the fourth year running, over 3 million admissions; the
total number of admissions to all films increased to 12.8 million, the
second best figure since 1980. The Danish market share fell from 26
percent to 24 percent.
25 danish film releases (feature films and documentary films) sold an
average of 116,000 tickets, showing an increase of 31 percent in relation
to the previous year, and the double of the average number of tickets sold
for US films, which was 58,000.
A total of four Danish feature films ("King's Game", "My Sister's Kids
in Egypt", "Brothers", "Terkel in Trouble") made the top ten in steep
competition with films such as "Harry Potter" and "The Lord of the Rings".

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