Amsterdam selects eight Danish documentary films


Eight Danish documentary films have been selected for the official programme
of IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (18-28
November 2004). Although Danish cinema is represented annually at IDFA, this
year is exceptional with five films in competition programmes and three films in
Kids & Docs.

for the Joris Ivens Competition is Lars Johansson and Final Cut's "The
German Secret", a documentation which follows a Danish woman, who was born
in an American prison camp in Germany in 1946. As she traces her origins,
she discovers the truth about her mother, and a dramatic story of war,
romance and captivity unfold. Jeppe Rønde and Cosmo Doc's "The Swenkas",
also chosen for the Joris Ivens competition, is a powerful portrait of a
group of men in post-apartheid South Africa, who take great pride in
parading themselves in flashy attire.

in the Silver Wolf Competition are two films: Michael Klint and Zentropa
Real's "Get A Life", a compelling film dealing with the fatal disease
Noma, and bringing into the discussion prime-time TV, journalism and
ethical dilemmas. The second film is by Iranian born, Swedish director
Nahid Persson and Cosmo Doc, entitled "Prostitution Behind the Veil",
about two young women who live as prostitutes in Teheran and the hypocracy
that prevails in the society in which they live.

in First Appearance is Max Kestner and Barok Film's "Max by Chance", about
the director's own life and ancestry, although here there is more at
stake, as he grapples, not without wit, about family patterns, genetics
and destiny.

Kids & Docs have selected three films:
"Flyweight" directed by Anders Gustafsson, and produced by Thomas
Heurlin and Morten Schmidt for Koncern TV- og Filmproduktion, "The City of Bees" directed by Laila
Hodell and Bertel Torne Olsen, and produced by Frejas Børn. The film is
about six-year-old Oliver and his friends, who together with a bee-keeper
discuss the life of bees, all while the camera allows an insight into the
complex life of these insects. The second film is Jannik Splidsboel and
Radiator Film's "Louise & Papaya", about eight-year old Louise who has
discovered an imaginary friend with whom she plays and dances flamenco. A
film with food for thought for the young as well as for

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Ivens Competition"Den
tyske hemmelighed"/"The German Secret", Lars Johansson, Final Cut
Productions"The Swenkas"/"The Swenkas", Jeppe Rønde, Cosmo

Wolf Competition"Get
a Life"/"Get a Life", Michael Klint, Zentropa Real"Prostitution bag
sløret"/ "Prostitution behind the Veil", Nahid Persson, Cosmo

"Rejsen på ophavet"/"Max by Chance", Max Kestner, Barok

& Docs"Biernes
by"/"The City of Bees", Laila Hodell and Bertel Torne Olsen, Frejas
Børn"Louise og Papaya - min usynlige veninde"/"Louise and Papaya",
Jannik Splidsboel, Radiator Film