Andrus Ansip talks Digital Single Market in Copenhagen

FILM POLICY. The European Commission's Digital Single Market strategy proposes better access for consumers to digital content across Europe. But will the European film industries be paying the price? European Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip will be heading a discussion about the future of film and online goods at the Danish Film Institute on 16 September.

Andrus Ansip, European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Single Market, will Friday 16 September be visiting the Danish Film Institute in Copenhagen as the key guest in a panel discussion about the Commission's plans for the digital Europe of the future. 

Ansip will, along with a number of Danish and international key stakeholders, talk about the Commission's proposals and explore the consequences of the Digital Single Market as seen from the perspectives of the Commission, the industry and European consumers. 

"We are very pleased about Vice-President Andrus Ansip's visit," says Joachim Malling, Chairman of the Danish Film Institute. "I take this as an expression of the Commission's willingness to listen to our concerns." 

The Concerns 

The key implications of the Commission's Digital Single Market strategy is a regulation of European rights rules, in order for consumers to gain better access to digital goods and services across Europe, for businesses to obtain better conditions for competition and for the digital economy in general to flourish. 

Rights owners and film regulatory bodies across Europe have continuously warned the Commission that too rapid and radical a regulation could potentially destroy the existing business models of European cinema which, in great part, rely on the selling of rights across borders. It is feared that the adjustments will make it more difficult in the future to produce European films of high quality and cultural value. 

"As we see it, the consequences of the Digital Single Market in the long term are quite serious. Everyone agrees that European consumers should have the best possible access to digital content. However, this should not be at the expense of the film producers' ability to create films with artistic and cultural value. And this is where our main concern lies," says Joachim Malling. 

"I hope the discussions at the meeting will be fervent and eye-opening. We know the Commission is still listening to what we have to say, and our message is crucial," Malling says. 

The Commission published the proposals to reform the EU copyright framework on 14 September. Next step is for the Council and the European Parliament to form their positions and together negotiate the final legislation for the Digital Single Market. 

Guests in the panel 

The panel taking up the discussions with Andrus Ansip at the Danish Film Institute comprises Allan Hansen, CEO of Nordisk Film; Christina Rosendahl, film director; Sindre Guldvog, CEO of the Norwegian Film Institute; Samuel Young, Secretary General of European Film Agency Directors; and Tomas Eskilsson, CEO of Film i Väst. The discussion will be moderated by journalist Adam Holm. 

The event takes place on 16 September at the Danish Film Institute in Copenhagen. See official invitation.