Animated Tupilaq to Sundance

SUNDANCE. Jakob Maqe's "Tupilaq," taking its name from an ancient Greenlandic symbol, is part of the short film line-up at January's Sundance Film Festival.

The Sundance Film Festival has revealed the short film line-up for its 2015 edition, taking place from 22 January to 1 February. Among the 60 titles selected for the programme is "Tupilaq," a 2D animation film written, animated and directed by Jakob Maqe.

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The Tupilaq from the film's title is both a symbol of the spirit of a forefather and a curse. Revolving around the contrast between mythological Greenlandic nature and western urban culture, "Tupilaq" is personal film about cultural alienation and abuse.

"Tupilaq" was selected for the World Animation Celebration in Los Angeles in November and screened earlier this year at short film festivals in Copenhagen, Bristol and Reykjavik. The film is produced by Erik Wilstrup, Irene Hjorthøj and Rasmus Kastberg for Wil Film.

Jakob Maqe graduated in character animation, animation, design and illustration from the Animation Workshop in Viborg in 2007. He has since worked as an animator, director, background artist, previzualisation artist and stills photographer. Maqe was born in Nuuk, Greenland, and moved to Aalborg, Denmark, at the age of 2.

Sundance Film Festival / 22 January – 1 February 2015