Armadillo to Karlovy Vary

FESTIVAL. Janus Metz' Cannes winner Armadillo is selected for the documentary competition at Karlovy Vary Film Festival. Three feature films will participate in the festival's side programmes.

"Armadillo" is selected for the Documentary Films in Competition section at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, kicking off 2 July. The Danish feature films "Oldboys", "R" and "Submarino" will appear in side programmes.

Heroes and killers
Janus Metz' feature-length documentary "Armadillo" is a thought-provoking, vivid and frightening portrayal of the loss of innocence of two young soldiers, Mads and Daniel, who are on their first mission in Afghanistan. Armadillo is the name of one of the Danish camps in the Afghan Helmand province, where director Janus Metz and cinematographer Lars Skree followed soldiers close at hand for a period of six months.

Ronnie Fridthjof and Sara Stockmann produced "Armadillo" for Fridthjof Film Doc, Lars Skree was director of photography. International sales handled by DR TV

Read more about "Armadillo" in an interview with the director Between Heroes and Killers and the press releases Trades applaud Armadillo and Danish Triumph in Cannes.

Debuting road movie

The feature film drama comedy "Oldboys", by debuting director Nikolaj Steen, will screen in Karlovy Vary's programme Another View, marking the film's international premiere.

"Oldboys" is a road movie about Vagn whose life has slowly ground to a halt, but he is soon brought back among the living after a road journey with a hapless robber, John. The film won a Danish Film Academy Robert for Best Song and Best Music Score. 

Also screening in Another View is the awardwinning feature film, the prison drama "R", directed by Michael Noer and Tobias Lindholm.  Both "R" and "Oldboys" were produced by René Ezra and Tomas Radoor for Nordisk film.

Moreover, Thomas Vinterberg and Nimbus Film's "Submarino" will screen in Karlovy Vary's programme Horizons.