Armadillo wins Emmy

EMMY AWARDS. Editor Per K. Kirkegaard was honoured with an award for his work on Janus Metz' documentary "Armadillo" at the 33rd Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards presented on 1 October in New York. The film was nominated in four categories.

"Armadillo" received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft: Editing – Documentary and Long Form on 1 October. The film is the first Danish documentary to be awarded at the News & Documentary Emmy Awards.

Editor Per K. Kirkegaard attended the awards ceremony alongside the film's producers Ronnie Fridthjof and Sara Stockmann, director Janus Metz and cinematographer Lars Skree.

"I was very surprised when they called my name. I can hardly remember anything of my way to the stage. It was unreal. But now I'm really happy and proud that I have won one of the world's most prestigious awards for my work. And maybe SAS will upgrade us when we fly home," says a delighted Per K. Kirkegaard shortly after receiving the prize.

"Armadillo" was nominated in four categories: Best Documentary, Outstanding Continuing Coverage of a News Story – Long Form, Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft: Cinematography – Documentary and Long Form (cinematographer Lars Skree) and Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft: Editing – Documentary and Long Form (editor Per K. Kirkegaard). Thus "Armadillo" was the documentary nominated in most categories at this year's awards show.

The documentary about a group of young Danish soldiers in Afghanistan premiered on US television as part of PBS's 'POV strand'.

"Armadillo" received the Grand Prix de la Semaine de la Critique in Cannes as the first documentary ever and has since won prizes at festivals all over the world, including London Film Festival and Moscow International Film Festival 2-in-1. On 30 September the film was announced as a finalist for the prestigious PUMA Creative Impact Award. And now "Armadillo" can add an Emmy to its collection.

"Armadillo" is directed by Janus Metz and produced by Ronnie Fridthjof and Sara Stockmann for Fridthjof Film Doc with support from the Danish Film Institute. International sales are handled by DR International sales.

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