Audiences Preferred Two Danish Films

BOX OFFICE. Danes went to the movies in record numbers over the winter holiday. In fact, the two biggest blockbusters were Danish and the domestic market share for the period was 51%.

According to FAFID, the Danish association of film distributors, a total of 1,245,123 tickets were sold over the winter holiday, the highest number in the last eight years, up slightly over 2013.

Like last year’s winter holiday, admissions to Danish films remained high, with a large total domestic market share of 51%. The top blockbusters were Mikkel Serup and Nordisk Film's comedy “The Reunion 2 – The Funeral,” and Giacomo Campeotto and Asa Film Production's family film “Father of Four – Uncle Sofus Returns."

While Danish films continue to do well over the winter holidays, American films are trending in the opposite direction, with admissions declining in every winter holiday since 2010. 

”The Reunion 2” sold 413,000 tickets over the winter holiday for current total admissions of 443,000. The first film in Nordisk Film's "Reunion" series, premiering in 2011, sold 517,000 tickets.

Five out of six of the most popular films over the winter holiday were family films, with a strong field vying for families’ attention. The Danish ”Father of Four – Uncle Sofus Returns,” which had the highest admissions of any family film, was up against “The Lego Movie,” ”Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” and “Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy,” not to mention Disney’s ”Frozen,” which opened at Christmas but still drew more than 50,000 moviegoers during winter break.

Winter-Break-tableNote: Winter-holiday admissions are calculated as admissions in the weekend of Week 6 plus Weeks 7 and 8 (6-23 February).

The 10 most popular films over the winter holiday

Titel Admissions over the
winter holidays
Total admissions*
The Reunion 2 – The Funeral (dk) 412,615 443,103
Father of Four – Uncle Sofus returns (dk) 223,031 251,544
The Lego Movie 3D 151,033 152,128
Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2 3D 68,582 101,704
Frozen 50,421 599,306
Tinker Bell And the Pirate Fairy 46,563 46,563
The Wolf of Wall Street 40,802 225,396
RoboCop 34,952 34,952
August: Osage County 32,179 32,961
12 Years a Slave 25,498 28,670

Source: Danish association of film distributors (FAFID)
*All films are still in theatres