Ballroom Dancer Best Nordic Doc

FESTIVAL. "Ballroom Dancer" received the Best Nordic Documentary award, while "Putin's Kiss" and the short film "Creature" received Honorary Mentions at this year's Nordisk Panorama in Oulu, Finland.

Over six days, 65 documentaries and short films from the Nordic countries competed in Oulu to become Scandinavia's best.

Ballroom Dancer

"Ballroom Dancer" by Andreas Koefoed and Christian Bonke won the award for Best Documentary.

"The Nordic Documentary prize goes to a perfect example of the power of documentary to capture the fragility and intensity of human emotion in a world that demands perfection and excellence at any cost," the jury states in its motivation. "With cinematic grace and passion, the film presents dance as a beautifully realized microcosm of the complexities of human intimacy. Ultimately this is a film about love."

With the award follows a cash prize of 7,000 euros. Produced by Danish Documentary Production.

Putin's Kiss

In the same category "Putin's Kiss" by Lise Birk Pedersen won an Honorary Mention:

"Among the many political films we saw, this documentary stood out for its urgency, precision and lush visual style," the jury writes. "This gutsy film exposes the anatomy of political oppression with great insight. It sends a warning to future generations, and serves as a prescient reminder that the political is always personal."

Produced by Helle Faber for Monday Production.


The short film "Creature" by Malene Choi Jensen also received an Honorary Mention in the category Nordic Short Film.

"A film as singular as its main character, this stunning and stark look at life after the end of the world stands alone in terms of its craft and mystery," the jury states. "A bold and magical vision that explores loneliness, aloneness, death and rebirth from a rare perspective."

Produced by Jonas Bagger for Zentropa Entertainments.

All three films are produced with support from the Danish Film Institute.

Next year, Nordic Panorama will take place in Malmö. Read more about Nordisk Panorama.