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BERLIN ISSUE. Read about Lars von Trier's "Nymphomaniac" and its transgressive themes, and find out more about the Danish films at the Berlinale 2014 in FILM Digital Issue for your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

"'Nymphomaniac' stands out by its narrative style, a style of digressions, but in particular by the themes it presents: female sexuality, humiliation, revenge," writes Peter Schepelern in his presentation of certain tendencies in Danish culture that constitute the background of Lars von Trier's career.

Volume 1 of the long version of "Nymphomaniac" will be showcased at the Berlinale 2014, kicking off 6 February. Read about the controversial director's erotic epic in our Berlin edition of FILM Digital Issue featuring stories about the Danish line-up at the Berlinale 2014.

FILM Digital Issue also includes a catalogue section, a Q&A about co-productions plus details on film screenings, people and companies in Berlin.

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FILM Digital Issue Berlin 2014

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