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FILM#74. Mads Mikkelsen is cover star of our Berlin magazine. Read about Mikkelsen's first Danish role in years as Struensee in Nikolaj Arcel's Berlin competitor "A Royal Affair" and discover the relentless auteur Simon Staho and his pop musical "Love Is in the Air".

The Berlin International Film Festival is gearing up this week for its 62nd edition, including two Danish films on the competition slate: Nikolaj Arcel's period drama "A Royal Affair" in the main Competition and Simon Staho's teen musical "Love Is in the Air" in Generation 14plus.

FILM#74 takes you behind the 18th century historical drama of "A Royal Affair" and director Nikolaj Arcel's thoughts on putting one of Danish history's most intriguing ménages à trois on screen. The magazine also presents Mads Mikkelsen, who plays the role of Struensee, through that unforgettable one-liner delivered by Stellan Skarsgård at the European Film Awards in December: "You're not good looking."

Simon Staho, who cast Noomi Rapace (Lisbeth Salander) for his 2007 drama "Daisy Diamond" based on nothing more than her passport picture, stands out as an uncompromising auteur who is not easy to pin down. We bring a portrait of the director of "Love Is in the Air", a celebration of youthful daring and love to die for.

Read this and much more in FILM#74 which also gives an insight into the Danish Film Institute's strategies to strengthen international exchange – and, as always, updates on new films to watch out for:

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