Beyond Beyond - new animation adventure

CO-PRODUCTION. Danish helmer Espen Toft Jacobsen directs the Swedish-Danish 3D animated children's feature "Beyond Beyond" about a little rabbit who sets out on an amazing journey to find his mother. The film has just started production and has expected Danish release in 2014.

Espen Toft Jacobsen and Copenhagen Bombay follow up on the internationally acclaimed "The Great Bear" with a new animated adventure, "Beyond Beyond". The Swedish-Danish children's feature is a story about wanting the impossible: A little rabbit boy not old enough to understand the rules of life takes up the fight against the most powerful force, and while doing so, learns more and more about life.

The rabbit Johan and his father have lived alone on an old ship for as long as Johan can remember. They have a good life together, but something is missing. One day, when Johan's father has gone ashore to get supplies, Johan is alone on the ship and receives a mysterious call over the radio. His mother is in the Kingdom of the Feather King. Johan travels there to bring her back, but discovers that the kingdom is about to sink into the ocean. The Feather King needs Johan's help.

"Beyond Beyond" is produced in stereoscopic 3D and animated in Copenhagen Bombay's studios in Stockholm and Copenhagen. It is the first stereoscopic feature film ever produced in Sweden.

Esben Toft Jacobsen graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in animation direction in 2006. Has developed and directed productions at Copenhagen Bombay, among these, the short film "Kiwi & Strit", which was part of the feature film "Carsten & Gitte's Movie Madness" (2008). Esben Toft Jacobsen's feature film debut "The Great Bear" was selected for Berlinale Generation Kplus in 2011, as well as 45 other festivals, and has been released in over 25 countries, including France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

With "Beyond Beyond", the director continues his collaboration with screenwriter Jannik Tai Mosholt, production designer Jonas Springborg and composer Nicklas Schmidt, who has recently been nominated for a Nordic Film Composers Award for his music for "The Great Bear". 

The film was first presented at Cartoon Movie in Lyon in March, where it was presold to the French distributor Bac Film.

"Beyond Beyond" is produced by Petter Lindblad for CB Sverige AB in cooperation with its Danish associated company Copenhagen Bombay by producer Sarita Christensen. International sales and festival inquiries are handled by Copenhagen Bombay Sales. The film has received 1.6 DKK in minor co-production support from the Danish Film Institute. Danish release is set to the beginning of 2014.

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