Boosting Nordic cross media-projects

INDUSTRY. Nordisk Film & TV Fond has joined forces with UK cross-media-experts Power to the Pixel to strengthen the quality of children's stories for cell phones, game consoles and online platforms.

Nordisk Film & TV Fond and English Power to the Pixel have joined forces, collaborating to ensure only the best stories reach the platforms of which children and young people are junkies of: mobile phones, game consoles and the internet.

Power to the Pixel has a strong profile as a sparring partner for the film industry, when it comes to cross media content.

Support to six projects

Support will be allocated to six selected Nordic cross media projects. Each project will receive 250,000 Norwegian kroner (31,668 Euro) to work on and develop their project according to a tailor-made plan by Power to the Pixel, who will be drawing on the expertise of a long line of international cross media consultants.

The collaboration has led to two milestones:

A three-day workshop (17-19 November 2010) in Copenhagen for the six selected Nordic cross media projects. Topics cover: Creating the story universe, story design, project planning, delivery platforms and audience engagement design.

The next milestone is a two-day pitching and finance forum (14-16 March 2011)  taking place in Malmø. This will be arranged in cooperation with the Finance Forum at BUFF, the annual children and youth festival.

Special focus: children

Collaboration with Power to the Pixel is part of Nordisk Film & TV Fond's special efforts in strengthening the quality of stories for kids, High Five Cross Media Content for Kids, established in the spring of 2010.

Deadline for applications is the 6th September 2010. 

For more information:

Guidelines and Application Form 

Hanne Palmquist, Director, Nordisk Film & TV Fond / +47 6400 6080  

Liz Rosenthal, Director, Power to the Pixel / +44 (0)20 7453 4017