Broad film agreement reached

FILM INDUSTRY. A broad film agreement was reached 27 October between parties in the Danish parliament. The key points in the new Film Agreement 2011-2014 are: over 2 billion DKK to Danish cinema over the next four years, enhanced flexibility within the support system, greater accessibility of documentary films, support for digitization of the country's cinemas and extended support to computer games.

Per Stig Møller, Minister of Culture, comments:

"With the new agreement we are giving a lift to Danish film. At the same time we are securing support for the digitization of Danish cinemas. Both the large and small cinemas will receive digitization support so that we maintain a diverse cinema culture, while strengthening the dissemination of Danish film. Production support to Danish film is increased by 100 million DKK, a transfer from the [edit: radio & TV] license fee pool. At the same time film support will be 'set free' by allowing for a greater flexibility within the support system itself, which has been a request from the film sector. In the area of computer games there will be a considerable economic boost, and at the same time and within the duration of this agreement, we will work towards attracting additional capital to the games industry."  


Read the foreword of the white paper by Henrik Bo Nielsen, DFI's CEO, February 2010
Set Film Free

Henrik Bo Nielsen, CEO of the Danish Film Institute:

"I am obviously extremely satisfied that the Minister and those on the working team of the new agreement have clearly signalled a break with 'thinking inside the box' and 'management in detail'. We are immensely pleased that, with this new flexibility, we can establish a focus on the fruits of the support allocations, instead of the process of allocating. The new market system, replacing the 60-40 scheme, will present new possibilities for Danish film, and we look forward to creating more room for development, something everybody has requested. It has been a long process, starting with the 'Ask and Listen'-workshops more than two years ago, and I am quite satisfied with the fact that during the complete process we have been able to have such an enriching and constructive dialogue with the film sector."     

Key points in the film agreement 2011-2014 

Over 2 billion DKK to Danish film over the next four years
The economic framework for film support remains the same. There will be a transfer of a further 100 million DKK to the Danish Film Institute from the TV and radio license pool. This will give a total of 2.1 billion DKK to film support during the agreement period.

A greater flexibility in the support system
At the request of a unanimous film sector, a new flexibility between the support systems will be introduced, making it possible for the Danish Film Institute to support new initiatives in line with developments within digitization and the market. A market-system will replace the 60-40 scheme for films with strong audience appeal.

Greater accessibility of documentary films
The Danish Film Institute will work towards greater accessibility of documentary films and will support the development and production of documentary film for a broader and younger audience.

Support to digitization of all Danish cinemas
The smaller cinemas and the art cinemas will be able to receive a single support in the amount of 200,000 DKK per cinema or receive a digital distribution support by screening Danish films, which all other cinemas will be able to receive.

More capital for the development of computer games
The Ministry of Culture's support to the development of computer games for children and youth will be increased from 12 million DKK to 20 million DKK. The Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will examine possibilities of attracting capital to and optimizing the market potential for computer games.