Brotherhood in cinemas

NEW RELEASE. Danish-Italian director Nicolo Donato is a former internationally acclaimed fashion photographer who eight years ago decided he wanted to make films, at any cost. Now his feature film debut is out, and although the setup is unconventional, "Brotherhood" is first and foremost a love story, says Donato.

Gay men in a right-wing environment – not exactly the straightest of stories. "Brotherhood", opening in Danish cinemas today, won for Best Film at Rome International Film Festival and has already sold to Holland, Belgium,  Luxembourg, Italy, Canada and USA. 

Thure Lindhardt ("Flame & Citron", "Angels & Demons") and David Dencik ("A Soap") play two young men in a radical group who become attracted to each other and embark on a secret love affair. Loyalty to one brotherhood entails disloyalty to the other, and a price needs to be paid.    

As Donato comments in FILM#66, the idea for "Brotherhood" came to him from seeing the German documentary "Men, Heroes and Gay Nazis" by Rosa von Praunheim. The director was fascinated by the paradox of homosexuals in a radical setting and managed to gather a crew who all saw a story with strong potential.

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