Brotherhood competing at Rome

Strong, forbidden emotions between two men belonging to a new Danish fascist group is the theme of Nicolo Donato's feature film "Brotherhood", selected for Rome's festival.

4th International Rome Film Festival has invited Nicolo Donato's feature film debut "Brotherhood" to participate in the Official Selection. The film will receive its world premiere in Rome.

About the film and its director

Thure Lindhardt, from "Flame & Citron," plays 22-year-old Lars, who has leanings towards a right wing group and also towards Jimmy, a member. The two men become embroiled in a secret love affair, but such forbidden love cannot go unpunished. David Dencik plays Jimmy, and Nicolas Bro the group's gifted leader.

"Brotherhood" is produced by Danish veteran producer Per Holst for Asta Film, screenplay by Nicolo Donato and Rasmus Birch. International sales are handled by TrustNordisk. The film was supported through the Danish Film Institute's Råfilm-scheme, a pilot fund set aside in 2008 for low budget, innovative films.

Director Nicolo Donato's short fiction "Togetherness" (2006) was screened at Cannes and nominated at Seoul International Film Festival for Best International Film.

One of twelve films in main competition

12 films are invited to participate in the Offical Competition, "Brotherhood" is one of them. As expected in a city which has a long history of being a powerhouse for world cinema, Rome festival is represented by some of the biggest names in film business. This year Milos Forman, director of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "Amadeus", is president of the International Jury presiding over awards for the Official Competition: a Golden Marco Aurelio for Best Film, two Silver Marco Aurelios for Best Actress and Best Actor, plus a Grand Jury Prize. An Audience Award will also presented.