Brügger takes his Ambassador to IDFA

FESTIVAL. Mads Brügger and Zentropa's "The Ambassador" is selected for competition at the 24th International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam kicking off on 16 November.

Danish films traditionally show strong presence at the "Cannes of documentaries", the prestigious IDFA fest in Amsterdam. Now the festival has revealed its first Danish title in the 2011 line-up, Mads Brügger's "The Ambassador" which will be running in the competition for feature-length documentaries.

A documentarian with a track record of films and TV shows challenging the classic role of the journalist, Mads Brügger takes us on a diplomatic mission to the Central African Republic to explore the workings of a country forgotten by the West while offering an exposé of a diplomat's life.

"The Ambassador" is produced by Peter Engel and Carsten Holst for Zentropa. International sales are handled by TrustNordisk. National release is set for 5 October. IDFA will be announcing more films in this year's line-up over the next months.

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"Going to Africa and playing a diplomat wouldn't be a problem for me. Diplomats aren't always asking to see each other's ID. But instead of playacting, I figured I'd go all in," Mads Brügger comments.

Read how in our interview in FILM#72, The Man With the Yellow Hat Gone Bad, and watch trailer below.

24th IDFA 16-27 November 2011