Burma VJ wins award number 50

RECORD. If success is measured by awards, Anders Østergaard's "Burma VJ – Reporting from a Closed Country" has plenty.

50 awards and an estimated 30 million viewers worldwide – not a bad set of numbers so far for "Burma VJ", Anders Østergaard's documentary capturing, through the lenses of Burmese activist journalists, crucial moments from the Buddhist monks' uprising in 2007.

According to DFI festival manager Anne Marie Kürstein "Burma VJ" is likely to hold the Danish record for winning the most awards, the latest emerging last Thursday in the form of a Peabody Award in Athens, Georgia.

New projects from Magic Hour

Lise Lense-Møller, who also produced Michael Madsen's critically acclaimed sci-fi doc "Into Eternity", is working on Magic Hour's next film, Nagieb Khaja's "Afghan Stories" in which Afghan civilians report from their everyday lives on the front lines between the Taliban and ISAF forces. The film is coproduced with Grunnet Film. 

Magic Hour Films is also working on several large international productions including new films by Michael Madsen, Erlend E. Mo, Suvi Helminen, Boris Bertram and Christoffer Emil Bruun.