Can you identify these films?

UNKNOWN. Are you an expert in silent German hairdresser farces, by any chance? Help the DFI Film Archive identify three unknown film clips from the early 1900s.

Once in a while the DFI archivists come across fragments of film that remain unidentified. Their latest discoveries are 100 years old. Brittle and breakable nitrate reels that may be the only existing copies of the films.

This much we know:

We are dealing with an Italian comedy, a German hairdresser farce and a German animation feature. So, if you are a film nerd with knowledge about early film history and a whiz at recognising faces, take a good look at the film clips below. Does anything ring a bell? We are grateful for all the hints we can get: directors, actors, places, year of production or any other tidbits of knowledge that can bring us closer to their secret.