Candid words from Lars von Trier

Listen to Lars von Trier as he candidly discusses his latest production "Antichrist" with a group of international scholars gathered at the Filmhouse this summer.

This 57-minute talk with Lars von Trier from 26 June 2009 begins with an interview followed by Q&A's. The discussion revolves around, among other subjects, his creation of the story and some of his production techniques.

The interview was arranged together with a viewing of "Antichrist" for 60 scholars from the US, Europe and Asia who attended the 7th International Conference of the Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image, hosted by Professors Peter Schepelern and Johannes Riis, Copenhagen University.

The Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image is an interdisciplinary organization made up of scholars interested in cognitive, philosophical, neurophysiological, and evolutionary-psychological approaches to the analysis of film and other moving-image media.

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