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FILM#75. Thomas Vinterberg is cover star of our Cannes magazine. Read about Vinterberg's return to Cannes with "The Hunt", Susanne Bier's new romantic comedy "Love is All You Need", Bille August's portrait of painter Marie Krøyer, and the animated "Slug Invasion", selected for Cinéfondation.

Cannes Film Festival sets off 16 May with two Danish films on the programme: Thomas Vinterberg's drama "The Hunt" is selected for Competition, and the animated short film "Slug Invasion" is invited to Cinéfondation.

FILM#75 takes you behind Vinterberg's drama starring Mads Mikkelsen as a man who gets wrongly accused and is exposed to the hatred of everyone in his small town. "I'm trying to find this vulnerable pure quality from my graduate film, where there was no speculation about the future," Vinterberg tells Screen's Mike Goodridge in the interview "Sticking with Reality".

Goodridge has also interviewed Susanne Bier about her romantic comedy "Love is All You Need", starring Trine Dyrholm and Pierce Brosnan, about how to balance an uncomfortable subject matter with all the charms of a romcom. Read the interview "A True Romantic".

Bille August has made his first Danish film in 25 years: A portrait of the Skagen painter Marie Krøyer and her struggle to break free of the shadow of her celebrated husband. Red the interview "Shining Light on Marie."

Morten Helgeland and eight of his fellow students at the Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark, have made a hilarious animated short about "killer slugs" pitched in battle with an elderly lady. The director got the inspiration for "Slug Invasion" right in his grandmother’s own backyard, he says in the article "Granny Combats Killer Slugs".

Read this and much more in FILM#75 (see in Issuu format below) which also features interviews with directors Katrine Wiedeman, Jan Rahbek, Tobias Lindholm, Kaspar Munk, Christian Dyekjær and Phie Ambo, a portrait of the Danish Producer on the Move, Signe Leick Jensen, a background of Danish TV Drama's international success – and, as always, updates on new films to watch out for.