Experience, understand, create

We shall overcome. Directed by Niels Arden Oplev
The Danish Film Institute strives to give children and young people a variety of opportunities to experience, understand and create film. Many colleagues across the organization work with content - film and video games -, cinema culture and film education targeting the next generation from 2-18 years. Danish Film Institute cooperates with key practitioners around the country as well as with organizations in Europe and beyond.

Film and interactive media, as agents of culture and language, are an integral part of how young audiences experience their identity and place in the world. The Danish Film Institute values the cultural and educational impact that encounters with high-quality moving images about a broad range of subject matters and nationalities can have. The same goes for good opportunities for children and young people to reflect, understand and actively use moving images – in their daily lives, in school setting and in cultural environments.

At the sub sites, you can read about our main programs, which all aim to reach as many children and young people in Denmark as possible with high quality film education – online and on-site – for primary and secondary schools, for kindergartens and for families. Many of the programs are operated nationwide, and often in partnership with municipalities, cinemas and educational or cultural institutions. 

The Danish Film Institute also supports, through financial and mentorship means, key organizations and practitioners in Denmark – and relate to these through a well-established national network. Another sub site describes The Danish Film Institute’s engagement in European cooperation and networking.
25 % of the Danish Film Institute’s funding is earmarked for films for children and youth. This includes development, production and distribution of films – documentary/fiction/series - and computer games. 

Read more about funding: Funding for Danish films | Danish Film Institute (dfi.dk)