Using the film archive

The Film Archive can be used in different ways, depending on who you are. Learn more about your opportunities here.

1. Questions about Danish films

Anyone is welcome to contact the Film Archive with questions about Danish films. Meanwhile, many answers are available online, for instance via Denmark’s National Filmography or the Internet Movie Database

All payments must be made in advance.


 Per hour  + VAT DKK 450 

Brief questions with less than 5 search terms are free. 

Plus, it is an advantage if you can provide the name of a director or actor.

2. Viewing films

Everyone from private individuals to scholars and professional filmmakers can view films at the Film Archive. Only the Archive’s own films are available for viewing. Most film formats can be viewed, including  16mm and 35mm films, a wide array of professional tape formats, from 1”C to HD-SR, and file playback. 


Per hour  + VAT   DKK 500 

3. Loans of museum prints

Archive lending of analogue films to borrowers abroad happens only to a very limited extent and only to FIAF members. 
For rental prices and rules, please contact the Film Archive.

Digital Print loan of films digitized and restored by DFI:

Featurefilms (> 60 min.) DCP   € 320,00 
Featurefilms (> 60 min.) Blueray/DVD   € 240,00
Short & Doc's (< 60 min.) DCP  € 175,00
Short & Doc's (< 60 min.) Blueray/DVD  € 115,00

4. Copying films

The Film Archive can assist in having films digitised to high quality. 

The Film Archive must receive documentation of the consent of the rights holder before any copying can take place. 

The Film Archive only copies films and tapes belonging to the Archive. 


Prices are rounded up to the nearest full hour and do not include shipping or VAT.

From tape to file DKK 1500,-
From tape to UDP-server DKK 1500,-
From file to DVD DKK 600,-
From file to Blue Ray  DKK 1500,-
Scanning to HD quality Contact the Film Archive - expect a minimum of DKK 5000,-

5. Footage sales

Film clips in the Film Archive’s collection, particularly from older documentaries, can be purchased for commercial use. The Archive does not sell clips from Danish features. For that, please refer to the relevant production company/rights holders. 

Clips are sold from any film format. Please expect additional processing time for clips from non-digitised films. It usually takes 1-2 months from the initial request until a film has been converted to a digital file. 


Footage from films for which the Danish Film Institute holds the rights: 

Footage per minute (60 consecutive seconds) or per clip DKK 2000,-

Handling fee for public domain footage or footage cleared with the relevant rigths holder:

Footage per minute, minimum purchase of 3 minutes (180 consecutive seconds) DKK 1500,-

Masterclip handling fee:

DKK 500,- per clip

This price does not include VAT and only cover digitized materials which can be delivered via UDP server.

6. Donations

The Film Archive is always interested in making its collection of Danish films as complete as possible, and we are always happy to provide advice and condition assessment.

When a film or film collection is donated to the Film Archive, the rights to the film remain unchanged. Rights holders will always be asked for their consent before the material is used by another party. Researchers, however, always have access to review the Archive.

Donated films will not be returned once they have been assessed to be worthy of preservation. 

Regarding donations, it will be assessed on a case-by-case basis whether the collection falls under the Film Archive’s scope of collecting.

  • Prints of foreign films are received on a case-by-case basis. Negatives of foreign films are referred to the film archives of the respective countries.
  • Private collections are accepted to the extent that the films’ content is of national interest. Private family and holiday shots are referred to the Royal Library and local archives.
  • The Film Archive always accepts nitrate films (film reels).
  • As a rule, negatives and other security materials for completed Danish films are always accepted. Negatives and similar security materials for non-completed films are usually accepted.
  • Original materials for Danish-produced films may not be discarded before they have been offered to the Film Archive and the Film Archive declines to receive them.

Upon reception 

When a film collection has been donated to the Film Archive, the films will be stored under optimum climate conditions to guarantee the longest possible preservation of the materials.

Upon reception, the film collection is catalogued, either separately or as a single collection. If necessary, the films are repacked in archival boxes. 

The Film Archive reserves the right to reject possible duplicates or outtakes. Discard and possible return of materials takes place in consultation with the donor, if the donor so desires.


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