Cinematheques re-arming

CINEMATHEQUE. Jane Campion's exquisite romantic tale "Bright Star" is Film of the Month at the DFI Cinematheque. This monthly extended run of one film has proved to be a huge success in attracting new audiences. Read the report that sparked the idea.

Like other cinematheques, the DFI is faced with the challenge of adapting to modern-day audiences. One of recent initiatives, inspired by cinematheques in London, Los Angeles and Toronto, is the programme concept "Film of the Month" that was introduced last year in August: ten screenings of a film that hasn't had a theatrical release in Denmark.

New audiences

Critics have welcomed these extended runs as "an excellent initiative" and "a delightful supplement to hungry cineastes", and the concept has sucessfully managed to attract new audiences to the Cinematheque.

"Tulpan" by Sergei Dvortsevoy was the first film in the series, which has seen 14 titles so far, including the American independents "Frozen River", "Moon" and "Rachel Getting Married" that all played to full houses.

The concept has included two classics, Dreyer's "The Passion of Joan of Arc" and Leone's beautifully remastered "Once Upon a Time in the West".


The report that sparked the idea is entitled "Showing a Film is Not Enough" and written by DFI programme editor Jesper Andersen. In 2007-08, Jesper Andersen visited fellow programmers in Europe and North America to get a closer look and understand their innovations, visions and everyday experiences.

The full report from 2009 investigates how film archives and cinematheques in Europe and North America re-arm themselves in order to keep up with the challenge of changing audiences and new formats. "Showing a Film is Not Enough" was published in Journal of Film Preservation 81 (Nov. 2009).

Bright Star at the Cinematheque

Jane Campion's "Bright Star" (2009) is playing 14-21 October at the DFI Cinematheque. Buy tickets (site in Danish).

The Cinematheque showcases some 50 films with English dialogue or English subtitles every month. See October programme and read about the DFI Filmhouse.