Copenhagen on the global film map

FILM FUND. The regional film fund in Copenhagen has been a long time coming, but on 8 May the fund was finally inaugurated and the board of directors presented. The aim is to put the Danish capital on the global map and make Copenhagen a film metropolis.

In January, we could report on the launch of the Copenhagen Film Fund where public and private partners in greater Copenhagen signed an agreement to establish a €4.7 million regional film fund.

On 8 May the fund was officially inaugurated when the newly appointed board of directors was presented at City Hall.

Board of Directors

Chairman Jørgen Ramskov, CEO of Radio 24syv

Deputy chairman Susanne Larsen, President of Red Cross in Denmark

Katja K. Østergaard, CEO of Horesta

Henning Camre, former CEO of the Danish Film Institute

Svend Abrahamsen, leader of the film programme, The National Film School of Denmark


Municipality of Albertslund: €13,419
Municipality of Ballerup: €80,518
Municipality of Brøndby: €80,518
City of Frederiksberg: €100,648
Municipality of Furesø: €67,099
Municipality of Helsingør: €26,839
Municipality of Hvidovre: €268,396
City of Copenhagen: €2,657,121
The Capital Region of Denmark: €939,386
Danish Actors' Association: €4,025
Danske Dramatikere: €6,709
Engelbrecht Construction: €20,129
Film og Tv-arbejderforeningen: €6,709
FilmGEAR: €33,549
Filmstationen: €20,129
Fridthjof Film: €13,419
Danish Film Directors: €6,709
Magic Hour Films: €6,709
Nordisk Film Production: €134,198
Danish Producer's Association: €134,198
Red Rental: €33,549
Thomas Kristensen: €20,129

"The Copenhagen area has it all, we can do it all, but for many years we have thrown a lot of opportunities away because we have lacked that extra offering that makes the difference when film and TV productions are located," says the new chairman of the board Jørgen Ramskov who has a history in the industry and is currently CEO of the radio station Radio 24syv.

Copenhagen Film Fund aims to put the Danish capital on the movie map, attract foreign productions, keep Danish productions at home, and create jobs and growth. With €4.7 million over three years, the fund will support 10-15 projects: First and foremost major co-productions with a budget of €4 million, TV series and, in exceptional cases, ambitious documentaries.

Copenhagen Film Fund won't be fully operating until the fall when the board has appointed a CEO. But the fund will make its debut in the international film community at the Cannes festival where it will be presented for a group of invited guests and film professionals.