cph:dox 2004 - successful once again


Rightfully, expectations
were high for the second edition of Copenhagen's documentary film festival
cph:dox (5-14 November 2004). For the second year running, the festival
was a success. Admissions were up from last year's 11.700 to an impressive
16.900 tickets sold.
The following awards
were presented at the closing ceremony of the Copenhagen International
Documentary Film Festival.
Award"Darwin's Nightmare" (Hubert Sauper, Austria) "Three Rooms of
Melancholia" (Pirjo Honkasalo, Finland)The Jury said: "We award the
prize to Hubert Sauper's film "Darwin's Nightmare" for its courage in
attacking issues of globalization and the exploitation of the developing
world in an intellectually inspired and passionate way. We award the prize
to Pirjo Honkasalo's film "Three Rooms of Melancholia" for its unique
ability to confront us with images so full of respect for the human being,
and for its consequential and precise aesthetics".
cph:dox Award Special
Mention"Jerusalem, My Love" (Jeppe Rønde, Denmark)"for its
personal and subtle quest for faith, using insight and humour to bring
together three of the world's most powerful religions".
Award"Justice" (Maria Ramos, Brazil)
Amnesty Award Special
Mention"Disbelief" (Andrei Nekrasov, USA/Rusland)
New Vision Award"I
Love You All" (Eyal Sivan og Audrey Maurion, Germany/France)
New Vision Award Special
Mention"Max by Chance" (Max Kestner, Denmark)"Gunnar Goes
Comfortable" (Gunnar Hall Jensen, Norway)
At the closing ceremony on Saturday 13 November, the Roos Award was
given to Tue Steen Müller, director of the European Documentary
Network.For his efforts in establishing the European Documentary
Network - and for the efforts made by the EDN in creating a fruitful
network for anyone working with documentary film. For establishing,
supporting and nourishing connections across the documentary film sector
in all of Europe - and for his enthusiasm and his ability to inspire and
induce enthusiasm through constructive dialogue.
The Roos Award was established in 1995 and is presented by the Danish
Film Institute. Recipients of previous awards include among others: Jørgen
Roos, Jørgen Leth, Sami Saif, Phie Ambo, Janus Billeskov Jansen, Jon Bang
Carlsen, and Jesper Jargil.
At the opening galla on 4 November, the newly established "GuldDok"
award was presented by the Danish Producers Association. Recipients
Best Doc - SoundEddie Simonsen for "Rocket Brothers" (Kasper
Torsting, Zentropa Productions)
Best Doc - Editing Theis Schmidt for "Jerusalem, My Love" (Jeppe
Rønde, Cosmo Film)
Best Doc - PhotographyHenrik Ipsen for " Blue Collar White
Christmas" (Max Kestner, Lynx Media/Koncern TV- og Filmproduktion)
Best Kids DocAnders Gustafsson for "Flyweight" (Koncern &
Best Documentary Short (less than 45 minutes) Max Kestner for "Max
by Chance" (Barok Film)
Best Documentary Film Debut Trine Mølgaard for "De hjemløse på
Østerport" (DR TV)
Best Documentary FeatureMax Kestner for " Blue Collar White
Christmas" (Lynx Media/Koncern TV- og Filmproduktion)
GuldDok of the Year Jørgen Leth and Lars von Trier for "The Five
Obstructions" (Zentropa Real)
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