CPH:PIX – New Film Festival in Copenhagen


The first edition of the Copenhagen feature film festival CPH:PIX will take place April 16-26 2009, as recently announced by Copenhagen Film Festivals, which also manages the two other major festivals in the Danish capital, BUSTER and CPH:DOX.

CPH:PIX draws on the experiences of the city's two long-running film festivals, the NatFilm Festival and the Copenhagen International Film Festival, now merged into one.

The new festival aims at setting a new standard for film festivals in Denmark, presenting the Copenhagen audience with a significant competition program and unique film experiences from around the world – all the while focusing on new talents and artistic bravery.

The artistic profile of CPH:PIX will be drawn up by Festival Director Jacob Neiiendam and Head of Programming Niels Lind Larsen, in collaboration with Mikkel Harder Munck-Hansen, Managing Director of Copenhagen Film Festivals.

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Festival press release
CPH:PIX - Denmark's new feature film festival

CPH:PIX festival team
Mikkel Harder Munck-Hansen, +45 3134 0900, mikkel@cphfilmfestivals.dk
Jacob Neiiendam, +45 2618 8865, jacob@cphpix.dk