Danish animation spread in latest issue of FILM #46

On the occasion of the
16th Cartoon Forum, in Kolding, Jutland (21-24 September), the Danish Film
Institute's magazine FILM #46 is dedicated to an overview of animation
film in Denmark. This special issue is in English.
FILM #46 includes
interviews with key persons in the industry as well as the creative
underbelly. From A. Film, who have grown into one of Europe's leading
animation studios, producing the successful 3D "Terkel in Trouble" and
coproducing "Asterix and the Vikings", to Denmark's grand old man of
animation, Jannik Hastrup, whose feature length animations, with their
socio-political comment, have been sold worldwide. From Liller Møller and
Maria Mac Dalland, two of Hastrup's apprentices, who animate from home, to
Anders Morgethaler and Sarita Christensen, director and producer on the
hardcore "Princess" at the Zentropa Grrrr studio.
FILM #46 also talks to
students from the National Film School of Denmark, whose focus is on good
stories and low budgets. Also interviewed is Gunnar Wille, the director of
the School's animation programme, who discusses its student profile; and
Morten Thorning, director of the Animation Workshop in Viborg, who talks
about the workshop's four-year bachelor programme.
Another focus of FILM
#46 is on the computer games sector in Denmark, which began in the
nineties with the success of "Hugo the Troll", followed by "Hitman" in
2000, and now in 2005 two big productions are ready for release: "Hitman:
Blood Money" and "HCA - The Ugly Prince Duckling".

FILM is published by the
Danish Film Institute (DFI). Eight magazines are issued annually, three
are in English and published prior to the festivals at Cannes, Amsterdam
and Berlin.
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