Danish Bodil Awards

These Bodil Awards for the year 2005 were presented at the prizegiving ceremony of the Danish Association of Film Critics, Sunday 5 March:

Best Danish Film: "Manslaughter" by Per Fly (Zentropa)

Best Actress: Trine Dyrholm in "Flies on the Wall" (Nordisk Film)

Best Actor: Jesper Christensen in "Manslaughter" (Zentropa)

Best Supporting Actress: Charlotte Fich in "Manslaughter" (Zentropa)

Best Supporting Actor: Nicolas Bro in "Dark Horse" (Nimbus Film)

Best Director of Photography: Manuel Alberto Claro for "Allegro" (Alphaville Productions) and "Dark Horse" (Nimbus Film)

Best Film outside USA: "Der Untergang" by Oliver Hirschbiegel, Germany

Best USA Film: "A History of Violence" by David Cronenberg

Honorary Bodil: Directors of the NatFilm Festival Kim Foss and Andreas Steinmann for their achievement

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