Danish Cinema Abroad

Leth retrospective New YorkA selection of Jørgen Leth's works have been chosen as the kick-off
for a series of film retrospectives which will give New Yorkers the
opportunity to see the works of five renowned Nordic film directors.
The four other directors are Jan Troell of Sweden, Norway's Anja
Breien, Fridrik Tor Fridriksson of Iceland, and Mika Kaurismäki of
The films are being
showcased at Scandinavian House, 58 Park Avenue, under the heading
'Director's From the Edge' with Jytte Jensen, curator of the Museum of
Modern Art, at the helm. Screenings began September 12th and
will continue through to December.
Having seen Leth's
world premiere 'New Scenes from America', staff writer John Anderson
of Newsday describes the film as a "subjective ... eccentric, 35
minute snapshot tour of the United States ... that doesn't need to please,
doesn't strive to, but simply goes about its business (or art). It may be
that the best film related to Sept. 11th and on view this week was made by
a Danish poet, filmmaker and bicycle-racing enthusiast ... And it may be
that America can use an outside eye to see itself just now, clearly, and
at its best".
Also included in the
programme are Jørgen Leth and Lars von Trier's pilot of 'The Five
Obstructions', expected to be released spring 2003, as well as Leth's
full-length documentary 'Dreamers', a visually stunning portrait of
Haitian artists.
Also taking place
events: Paris-London-Bradford-Moscow-BerlinIn connection with Denmark's chairmanship of the EU, seminars
and screenings of Danish films took place for audiences in Paris in July.
During the autumn and winter season, the tour of Danish cinema is extended
to Bradford, London, Moscow and Berlin.
Fifteen Danish films,
including the recent award-winning 'Okay', 'Minor Mishaps', 'Shake It All
About', as well as the documentary 'Family' will be shown at the
National Museum of Film, Photography and Television, Bradford, during the
period October 4th - 31st October.
The film event 'The
Danish Wave' - arranged by the Royal Danish Embassy and the Danish Film
Institute in co-operation with Robert Kenny and Joe Bateman of Curzon Soho
- will take place at Curzon Soho in London 11th - 17th October. In this
connection London Film Festival will be hosting two seminars on 9th and
10th November 2002 for British and Danish film professionals.
The seminars have been
arranged to exchange ideas and discuss recent developments within Danish
cinema. Denmark is seen as having a productive film community, strong film
legislation, funding for experimentation, and a school for film and
television that encourages the development of talent. As a result an
innovative sense of style and story-telling has developed that has
increased the audience for Danish films at home and abroad.
A programme in
French of what was included in the Paris showcase can be accessed on a PDF
file at http://www.dfi.dk/sitemod/moduler/index_english.asp?pid=1870. The English, Russian and German programmes will be available prior
to actual events. Also available at this website is DFI's magazine FILM
Special Issue Jørgen Leth, September 2002.
Press photos are available at www.pressroom.dfi.dk.
For more
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