Danish feature films in the pipeline

Five feature film debuts are among the Danish productions that have entered the pipeline during the last quarter.

With releases in 2009-2010, they stand alongside films by established directors Jørgen Leth and Per Fly. The overview arranged by title is as follows:

Feature film debut
Director: Martin Pieter Zandvliet
Production: Mikael Christian Rieks for Koncern Film
Drama. A portrayal of actress Thea (Paprika Steen), recently discharged from rehab, and now faced with family upheaval. As she keeps a firm grip on the goal she has set for herself, she must also reckon with her inner demons.

The Best Intentions (working title)
Feature film debut
Director: Louise N.D. Friedberg
Production: Birgitte Skov and Signe Leick Jensen for Nimbus Film
Drama. The early 1950s. Denmark singles out 16 Greenlandic children to take part in an experiment. The children are taken from their families and placed in a home in Nuuk, where the principal (Ellen Hillingsø), is to transform them into exemplary Danish citizens who could eventually contribute to bringing Greenland out of its poverty.The story is inspired by Tine Bryld’s book, in which she interviews the actual participants of an experiment that took place in Greenland in 1952.

The Erotic Human
Director: Jørgen Leth
Production: Producer Marianne Christensen and Creative producer Lars von Trier for Zentropa
Experimental Drama. A sensual and poetic, yet sober look at human eroticism. An anthropologist (Jørgen Leth), collects material for a study of the nature and significance of the erotic. Forgoing a screenplay in the conventional sense, the film is based on documents, letters, images and poems by Leth himself.

The Great Bear
Feature film debut
Director: Esben Toft Jacobsen
Production: Petter Lindblad and Sarita Christensen for Copenhagen Bombay
3D animation for children. The film takes us on a journey into a magical forest populated by mythical animals. Young Jonathan spends his holiday with grandfather, this time reluctantly in the company of his younger sister who is taken into captivity by a great bear. The director's short film "Having a Brother" has travelled far and wide entertaining thousands of pre-school children at home and abroad.

Feature film debut
Director: Kasper Bech Holten
Production: Malene Blenkov and Michel Schønnemann for Blenkov & Schønnemann
Opera drama. In this adaptation of Mozart's Don Giovanni, opera director Bech Holten focuses on the balance between man's sexual instinct and destructive drive, sculpting Juan into a self-confident, modern man, who has a perpetual need to feel and sense life to the full.

Second feature film
Director: Johan Melin
Production: Vibeke Vogen for Bullitt Film
Drama. In "Profetia", when an aspiring writer of 60 receives yet another rejection from her publisher, a dramatic surrender ensues; meanwhile her tales are coming true for the group of people whom she characterizes in her writing. Director-producer duo Johan Melin and Vibeke Vogel helmed the one-take, real-time drama "Preludium".

Feature film debut
Director: Michael Noer, Thomas Lindholm
Production: Nordisk Film Production
Drama. This hard-hitting drama portrays R, who has been sentenced to prison for violence. He's insistent on keeping 'clean', and in doing so he is faced with the challenge of navigating through jail culture with its notions of honour, hidden agendas and contracts.

The Woman Who Dreamt about a Man
Director: Per Fly
Production: Ib Tardini for Zentropa
Drama. On a business trip to Paris, a woman (Sonja Richter) meets the very man (Michael Nyquist) who has appeared in her dreams. They have an affair. They meet again in Warsaw. But this time the conclusion is fatal. After completion of his successful societal trilogy which closed with "Manslaughter", Fly is back, this time contemplating on the idea and nature of love.

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