Danish feature films in the pipeline

New Danish feature films in the pipeline at mid-year include Thomas Vinterberg's latest drama, with the working title "Submarino", films by debuting directors Jacob Bitsch and Carlos Oliveira and productions signed by second feature directors Rasmus Heide, Kenneth Kainz and Søren Fauli. Moreover, there are adventures for the younger audiences, two of which are continuing tales of popular Danish fictional characters.

New productions in the pipeline are as follows:

Director: Jacob Bitsch
Production: Anders Toft Andersen/Nimbus Film
Tragi-comedy. Family ties — mother and siblings — are hanging by a thread. Connie, the daughter, has been emotionally detached from everyone since her father committed suicide two years ago. The otherwise annual caravan trip to an island was buried along with her father, and hasn't been repeated since — until now!

Father of Four — In Japanese Mode /CHILDREN-YOUTH-FAMILY
Director: Claus Bjerre
Production: Henrik Møller-Sørensen / ASA Film
Children's comedy. An episode in the Father of Four-series, following the first three blockbusters. This latest edition is about the family's relationship to their new neighbours from Japan. Family sons, Per and Shin cause a rift between the two families, but they soon heal the wound, when an incident involving them calls for a heroic deed.

The Christmas Party /SECOND FEATURE FILM
Director: Rasmus Heide
Production: Ronnie Fridthjof / Fridthjof Film
Comedy. Bringing in a remarkable half million tickets for his debuting feature film last year, "Take the Trash", expectations are high for Heide's second film about salesman Anders, who begins his new job with a special task which is to be executed at the annual Christmas event. As Anders romps through the commotion and antics of the celebration, he comes to realize that life is an ongoing process of learning and that he is only a beginner! See Teaser trailer: #1 #2

Director: Charlotte Sachs Bostrup
Production: Thomas Heinesen for Nordisk Film
Children's drama. Based on a story from a bestselling book-series by Renée Toft Simonsen. This is the third installment in the Karla-series, the first of which swept up awards at Giffoni, Indianapolis and Tokyo. Karla, 13, takes pity on her orphaned friend, Jonas, and together they embark on a perilous journey to the city lights, where they believe they will find Jonas' biological mother.

Director: Kenneth Kainz
Production: Thomas Radoor, René Ezra for Nordisk Film
Comedy. Starring Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Sidse Babett Knudsen. The devil in disguise surfaces when Anders and Puk move into their dream house which is still in a state of refurbishment. To be able to afford the expense, they decide to rent the basement out to family therapist Ulrik. Very soon, Ulrik has put their marriage to a severe test.

Director: Carlos Oliveira
Production: Astrid Hytten for Fine & Mellow
Drama. A story about sorrow, selfishness and suspicion, that touches on globalization and the values of the nuclear family. Thomas is in his forties and want to become a father. But there are obstacles, he's a homosexual and current legislation doesn't make it easy for males to adopt. In Brazil he discovers an illegal market for adoption, and meets the passionate Maria. What was to be a mere business deal turns into something quite different.

Simon & Malou
Director: not credited
Production: Nina Lyng, Eva Juel Hammerich / Nepenthe Film
Romantic comedy. This story's motto is taken from a John Lennon line "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans". About two opposites: easy going Simon, a novelist and Malou, a career lawyer, share a flat together. Their meeting sets off a chain of events, which ultimately will change their lives forever …

Director: Giacomo Campeotto
Production: Jennifer Green, Henrik Møller-Sørensen for ASA Film
Children's drama. 12-year-old Freddie rescues the dog Storm from his unloving owner. He is so fond of the dog that he wants to keep him. To raise the money to buy Storm, Freddie enters him in a dog race in the hope of winning the competition. Meanwhile the owner does what he can to screw-up the race. But Freddie has his backup support.

Submarino (working title)
Director: Thomas Vinterberg
Production: Morten Kaufmann for Nimbus Film
Drama. A story about two estranged brothers, marked by a childhood of gloom. They were separated from each other at a young age by a tragedy that split their entire family. Today, Nick's life is drenched in alcohol and plagued by violence, while his kid brother, a solo-parent, struggles as a junkie to give his son a better life. Their paths cross, making a confrontation inevitable, but is their relationship redeemable?

Director: Søren Fauli
Production: Regner Grasten for Regner Grasten Filmproduktion A/S
Comedy. Stand-up comedians Christina Sederqvist and Linda P are the writers and stars of this in-your-face satire. Well known for pushing the limits in their character portrayals, their popular comedy style has spread nation-wide. Now one of Denmark's strongest comedy brands, with programmes aired on DR2, YouTube and their own website www.skiddigselvimunden.dk where you can also see the trailer.