Danish Film Agreement in Place for 2015-18

FILM POLICY. More films, a stronger economy, more opportunities for talent and double the funding for computer games headline the four-year Film Agreement sealed on Thursday 6 November by all parties in the Danish Parliament

The Film Agreement lays down the overall economic and film-policy framework for the work of the Danish Film Institute over the next four years, from 2015 to 2018. The new Film Agreement was passed unanimously on 6 November by the Danish Parliament ("Folketing"), with the talks headed by Minister for Culture Marianne Jelved.

Henrik Bo Nielsen, CEO of the Danish Film Institute, says about the new Film Agreement:

"We are delighted that the Parliament was unanimous in affirming once again its strong support for Danish film and for a flexible funding system. A stable framework is important to ensure the continued good results of Danish films.

"This new agreement sends a crucial signal that the politicians recognise the strained economic challenges for Danish film and have decided to let the state lead the way by making a substantial economic contribution while putting pressure on the industry players to initiate new business solutions.  

"Also, I'm delighted about the strengthened focus on the 'quality' criteria for awarding funds. This has been a key theme for the Danish Film Institute in our formal proposals leading up to the negotiations – because an emphasis on quality and cultural value is absolutely crucial to maintaining the success of Danish films, at home and internationally."

Key Points in the New Film Agreement

More films

A support scheme for low-budget films will been introduced that will lead to the production of 82-104 features in all. The new low-budget films will give experienced filmmakers and emerging talents alike an opportunity to try different ways of working. Up to 12-24 low-budget films can be supported over the four-year period.

Double the support for video games

The funding for video games is being increased from DKK 20 million (2.7m euros) to 40 million (5.4m euros) in the agreement period. The Danish Film Institute will establish a games office that, in addition to distributing funds, will assist in fostering an innovative game environment in Denmark.

Strengthening the economy of Danish film

Danish film production will receive an amount of DKK 70 million (9.4m euros) in the coming period, 2015-2018, to aid the industry in converting to digital film sales. The overall economic framework for the film-policy efforts in 2015-2018 is DKK 2,252.2 million (301.9m euros), or DKK 563 million (75,7m euros) a year, up from the current DKK 530 million (71m euros) a year.

New opportunities for talents

Low-budget films are a chance for film talents to try their hand at the feature-film format. Meanwhile, the New Danish Screen scheme will continue as before, enabling talent development in all genres and formats and on all platforms. A minimum of DKK 128 million (17,2m euros) must go to New Danish Screen over the agreement period.

Media studies for children and youth

The Media Council for Children and Young People will enhance their efforts in media studies for children and youth.

Film in the classroom

The Danish Film Institute will set up a close partnership with the Ministry of Education and the teachers colleges to develop new educational programmes in the film and media area.

The Hard Facts

More feature films

82-104 features will be produced over four years (60-75 under the current agreement). This corresponds to an average of 20-26 films a year, with an increase of 5-7 films.

Low-budget films

Of the above feature films, 12-24 low-budget films can be supported over the four-year period. This corresponds to an average of 3-6 low-budget films out of the annual total of 20-26 films.

Double the funding for video games

DKK 40 million (5.4m euros) will be allocated over four years (DKK 20 million under the current agreement). This corresponds to an average of DKK 10 million (1.3m euros) annually, up DKK 5 million (0.7m euros).

More funding for talent

A minimum of DKK 128 million (17.2m euros) over four years must go to New Danish Screen (DKK 112 million under the current agreement). This corresponds to an average of DKK 32 million (4.3m euros), with an increase of DKK 4 million (0.5m euros).