Danish film on global online cinema

ONLINE. On Sunday at 8 p.m. the Danish documentary "My Avatar and Me" will showcase in the world's first virtual online cinema. The film's protagonist and co-director Mikkel Stolt is special guest.

Constellation is, by its own admission, "the first global movie theater". The concept is to broadcast films for a live global audience, but with a limited number of "seats" that allow guests while in an exclusive forum to discuss the film with each other and relevant VIP hosts.

On Sunday, 26 June at 8 p.m. the Danish documentary "My Avatar and Me" is on the bill, and the film's main character and co-director Mikkel Stolt will be hosting and answering questions in the Q&A after the screening.

The subject matter of "My Avatar and Me" is, quite fittingly, the relationship between the digital world and "reality". The film follows Mikkel Stolt on his own journey into the virtual world of Second Life, a journey which unfolds in the space between fiction and documentary. The film shows with some irony how the protagonist's "virtual" success slowly engulfs and undermines his real life.

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