Danish Film off to a Good Start

BOX OFFICE. While Danes await spring they flock to see Danish films. With more than one million visitors in 11 weeks, Danish cinema hasn't begun the year this well since 2007.

In comparison, the one million mark wasn't passed until week 24 in 2010 and week 25 in 2009. Danish film hasn't experienced similar success on the home front since 2007 where total ticket sales reached one million in week 9.

One million admissions to Danish films


Primarily it's the comedies that have reeled the audiences in. A great part of the success can be attributed to "Clown" which has sold 373,000 tickets in 2011. "All for One" has also done well with 338,000 tickets since the premiere in February. And Ole Christian Madsen's new divorce comedy "Superclásico" is number one again this weekend with 77,000 tickets.

Danish admissions 2011

Admissions 2011/in total Titel Director/Company
Clown Mikkel Nørgaard / Zentropa
338,000/- All for One  Rasmus Heide / Fridthjof Film
My Sister's Kids at War Martin Miehe-Renard / Obel Film
112,000/- A Family Pernille Fischer Christensen / Zentropa
77,000/- Superclásico Ole Christian Madsen / Nimbus Film
44,000/- The Great Bear  Esben Toft Jacobsen / Copenhagen Bombay
In a Better World Susanne Bier / Zentropa
9,400/- The Good Life  Eva Mulvad / Danish Documentary Production
The Olsen Gang Gets Polished Jørgen Lerdam / Nordisk Film
Truth About Men Nikolaj Arcel / Zentropa
Lost in Africa Vibeke Muasya / SF Film Production

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