Danish Film tweets

TWEETS. This week, @DanishFilm has tweeted about images and clips from "The Hunt", pre-sales of Nikolaj Arcel and Mikkel Nørgaard's Adler-Olsen adaptation, and new Danish TV hunk Mikael Birkjær. See the highlights here.

See the screening guide for Cannes http://fb.me/12tquSHpU

WWII drama "This Life" continiues to draw Danish audience http://fb.me/MafnYYsT  

Nikolaj Arcel and Clown director Mikkel Nørgaard adapt best-selling author Jussi Adler-Olsen's crime drama The Woman in the Cage. Pre-sales starts in Cannes http://fb.me/1Jwso8JND  

Images and clips from Vinterberg's "The Hunt" | Indiewire http://fb.me/sEqfWg9V  

You know him as Birgitte Nyborg's husband in Borgen and Sarah Lund's partner in The Killing II. Read ES Magazine's interview with Danish hunk Mikael Birkkjær http://fb.me/LZjBCfPJ  

Danish co-production "Eddie - The Sleepwalking Cannibal" starring Thure Lindhardt gets stellar review in Screen http://fb.me/ERv8gNZt  

Volcano wins European Featres award at Bradford Film Festival http://fb.me/1iKYqeG6E  

Variety's review of Ballroom Dancer http://fb.me/BztOMsmm  

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