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TWEETS. This week, @DanishFilm has tweetet about The Killing, Nordisk Panorama and reviews of the Danish films in Toronto. See the highlights here.

Latest news from von Trier's "Nymphomaniac" | The Hollywood Reporter http://fb.me/1dsroxgYM  

Sarah Lund sports a brand new jumper while investigating an apparently random killing of a sailor. Third season of "The Killing" premieres on Danish TV on Sunday. http://fb.me/1SA4pBrwA     

See the nominated films for Nordisk Panorama 21-26 September 2012. http://fb.me/1ZduPDE4h  

Joshua Oppenheimer on working with Indonesian death squad leaders in "The Act of Killing" | Indiewire http://fb.me/29ZacugYS  

Variety reviews "A World Not Ours" by Mahdi Fleifel after screening in Toronto. http://fb.me/NwkDu9KC  

Twitch "cannot wait to read the inevitable Women's Studies PhD thesis on this movie". TIFF Review of "The Hunt". http://fb.me/2j24yGXji

Nicolas Winding Refn has directed Yves Saint Laurent's campaign for its new fragrance Manifesto, starring American actress Jessica Chastain. http://fb.me/uYb63nAJ    

"The Act of Killing" creates a stir in Toronto. | CNN http://fb.me/1dSr0SkUk

Atlantic Film Festival programmers explain why Danish films dominate the Canadian festival. | The Coast http://fb.me/1iBx4cH2c

A sensitive drama of an easily-overlooked global crime phenomenon, writes THR after "A Hijacking"'s Venice premiere. http://fb.me/BSHALwFh  

"One of the queasiest and most distressing films to play TIFF in the last 15 years", says The Globe and Mail. "The Act of Killing" keeps amazing the critics in Toronto. http://fb.me/t9edE9Ky 

"The best surprise we've had all year," writes Indiewire's Oliver Lyttelton about "A Hijacking". http://fb.me/24fV3wVQp

"It goes that the nonfiction knockout of TIFF thus far is The Act of Killing," writes LA Weeky. http://fb.me/20BD8Bjea    

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