Danish Film Tweets

TWEETS. In August, @DanishFilm has tweetet about 2 x Mads, Netflix in Denmark, a Lego anniversary film, six challenges from Lars von Trier, Dreyer on Sight & Sound's Best Films list, and award to "Beast" actress. See the highlights here.

Mads Mikkelsen has a remarkable ability to balance the global and the local, says NY Times' A. O. Scott | http://fb.me/1IYBcQd2w  

Netflix coming to Denmark, plus Sweden, Norway and Finland | http://fb.me/1fPXBXblf  

It all started with a carpenter named Ole ... Watch animated short about 80 years of Lego, directed by Kim Pagel | http://fb.me/1v4RcPCQV  

Six challenges from Lars von Trier | New York Times http://fb.me/JIIHwR8P  

Three Dreyer classics on Sight & Sound's decennial "The Greatest Films of All Time" list – "The Passion of Joan of Arc" landing at 9th place | carlthdreyer.dk http://fb.me/13QXWqUad  

Best actress award to Marijana Jankovic for her performance in Christoffer Boe's "Beast" | The Hollywood Reporter http://fb.me/29LW9gakq 

Mads Brügger's The Ambassador one of IndieWire's VOD picks. In US theatres from 29 August | http://fb.me/XRCFoPoK  

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