Danish Film tweets

TWEETS. This week, @DanishFilm has tweeted about "Melancholia"'s dvd release, "This Life"'s box office success and Women and Hollywood's critique of Cannes wish lists. See the highlights here.

"Melancholia" tops Indiewire's dvd/Blu-ray picks this week http://fb.me/18fvNlVWX  

"This Life" has now sold 246.686 tickets in Denmark. http://fb.me/1utf1UrDJ

On both Indiewire's and Playlist's lists of films tipped for Cannes there is only a SINGLE woman directed film: All You Need is Love by Susanne Bier http://fb.me/1t0VmvwFN  

Nicolas Winding Refn retrospective in the NW Film Center in Portland. http://fb.me/1wMfKuNHM  

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