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TWEETS. This week, @DanishFilm has tweeted about Little White Lies' Cannes prediction which includes Mads Mikkelsen, the secret behind the success of Danish TV drama, and the first BFI-DFI collaboration coming up. See the highlights here.

Movie City News counts down to Cannes by looking at "The Hunt".  http://fb.me/1ZosO1Y81

New PhD thesis from the Uni. of Copenhagen shows that films like Twilight replace traditional religion for Danish teenagers. http://fb.me/1gURexdXw

This Life: Variety review. http://fb.me/1RbqPJcTo

Asger Leth directs interactive cross-European feature starring Mads Mikkelsen. http://fb.me/26apw0Om7

See the new UK poster of A Royal Affair. http://fb.me/1G3S4G9Jw

First BFI-DFI collaboration coming up: new Sally Potter film about two 16-year-old girls from London in the early '60s | Screen. http://fb.me/1MWAEAVgs

Nicolai Korsgaard from TrustNordisk is on Screen's list of future leaders in sales and acquisitions. http://fb.me/1dUHmaPAd

Send in the Danes. Little White Lies' Cannes predictions include Mads Mikkelsen for Best Actor. http://fb.me/1T3q1yHi8

Scandinavian co-production about Thor Heyerdahl's voyage across the Pacific Ocean in '47 soon on the big screen. http://fb.me/1EpwQVisI

What's the secret behind DR's TV drama success? | Independent. http://fb.me/1Gj5LLrv0 

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