Danish Film tweets

TWEETS. This week, @DanishFilm has tweeted about Trier's "Nymphomaniac", awards for "½ Revolution", "The Kid and the Clown" and "Teddy Bear", "Ballroom Dancer" at Tribeca and the new Scandinavian TV drama hit, "The Bridge". See the highlights here.

Trier makes two versions of "Nymphomaniac" and hopes for Cannes premiere, says Zentropa's Peter Aalbæk http://fb.me/1h2ijskGU  

"1/2 Revolution" wins Aljazeera Golden Award, and The Kid and the Clown wins Child & Family Award at Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival in Doha, Qatar http://fb.me/10V5ObHWP  

"Teddy Bear" wins the Making Way competitions at the international festival of indenpendent cinema, Off Plus Camera in Krakow  http://fb.me/Rxq7T8zM  

New Scandinavian TV drama hits BBC4: "The Bridge". http://fb.me/1SgaD0cAo  

Help the DFI Film Archive identify three silent film clips. http://fb.me/1GvxN1X29  

Thure Lindhardt will play Natascha Kampusch's kidnapper. http://fb.me/1rhSZ8XE9  

Indiewire meets Christian Bonke and Andreas Koefoed, directors of "Ballroom Dancer", winner of Special Mention at Tribeca http://fb.me/TRR0ccJP  

"Hangover" producer Todd Phillips teams up with Danny McBride for US remake of "Clown". http://fb.me/1wYsqt2b4  

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