Danish films 2005 continue to break records

With a market share of 32%, and no less than 6 national films on the Top-10 chart, Danish films have again broken records in 2005.

Cinema figures for 2005, fresh from the national bureau Statistics Denmark, show a total of 12.2 million tickets sold to national and foreign films. In all 4 million tickets were sold to Danish films. This is the fourth year running with total admissions remaining at a stable high of over 12 million.
The European scene2005 statistics have otherwise shown decrease of 11% for the number of tickets sold collectively in Europe, as opposed to 2004. In Sweden and Finland admissions decreased by 12%, and in Germany admissions were down by 18%.

Denmark, however, experienced a decrease of only 5% in comparison to 2004, due to the impressive number of admissions to national films, the highest recorded since 1981, when admissions reached 4.1 million.

The Danish market share of 32% for 2005 is the highest recorded since 1977, and one of the highest in Europe. In comparison, the market share in Sweden was 22,5%, in Germany 17.1%, in Norway 14% and in The Netherlands 13.6%.
Top-10 Released in Danish cinemas 2005 was all of 31 new feature films and 10 documentaries, 6 of these were among the 10 most popular releases in Denmark. Family entertainment accounts for almost half of the 4 million tickets sold to the 10 most popular films.

The two Danish family films on the Top-10 are "Father of Four" by Claus Bjerre and ASA Film, and "Oskar & Josefine" by Carsten Myllerup and Cosmo Film. Coming in at 5th place is Per Fly and Zentropa's awardwinning drama "Manslaughter", the closing film in Fly's societal trilogy, which began with "The Bench" and was followed by "Inheritance".

1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (USA, 623,656 admissions)2. Father of Four (Denmark, 495,614 admissions)3. Star Wars:Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (USA, 437,656 admissions)4. Nynne (Denmark, 394,893 admissions)5. Manslaughter (Denmark, 387,315 admissions)6. Madagascar (USA, 385,456 admissions)7. Adam's Apples (Denmark, 354,241 admissions)8. The Sun King (Denmark, 347,852 admissions)9. Der Untergang (Germany, 336,063 admissions)10. Oskar & Josefine (Denmark, 249,777 admissions)
The boxoffice success experienced in 2005 continues into the present year as new releases draw large crowds. These include "After the Wedding", a drama by Susanne Bier and Zentropa, "The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar", a family adventure by Kaspar Barfoed and M & M, and "Gasolin’" a documentary by Anders Østergaard and Cosmo Film.
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Current figures for Danish filmswww.dfi.dk/talogstatistik/biograftal/biotal/biotal.htm
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