Danish films in Amsterdam


The Danish Film
Institute (DFI) will be present in Amsterdam at the annual
International Documentary Filmfestival 2000 (november 23.- 30.) presenting
two films in competition, together with one film in the prestigious
programme "Reflecting Images" and one in "Kids &
The competing
films are Jesper Jargil's "The Exhibited" about a weird and fascinating
von Trier-exhibition with live actors and Tómas Gislason's "Maximum
Penalty" about the terrors of the Stalin regime and a Danish politicians
mysterious disappearance in the former USSR.
In "Reflecting
Images" the young director Sami Martin Saif will be showing the provoking
film "The Video Diary of Ricardo Lopez" about a young mans selfdestruction
and suicide, and in Kids & Docs" Lizzy Weischenfeldt will screen her
"Free as a Bird" following the children of the Yugoslavian war.

For the occasion
The Danish
Film Institute has produced a special issue of the magazine "FILM" in
English, which will be available at the festival and distributed by the
DFI from november 23. The magazine contains interviews, features and facts
and figures about Danish documentaries.
The four directors
will present their films at the festival.
The Danish
director Jørgen Leth will be pitching his "New scenes from America"
(produced by Bech Film) at the Forum.
"The Exhibited":
Saturday, November 25, 13:30 (industrial screening)in City
3Saturday, November 25, 22:15 in City 2Monday, November 27, 22:45
in Filmmuseum - VSB ZaalWednesday, November 29, 14:00 in City
Penalty":Thursday, November 23, 09:30 (industrial screening) in City
3Friday, November 24, 11:30Saturday, November 25, 12:15 in
Filmmuseum - VSB ZaalTuesday, November 28, 22:15 in City 1
"The Video Diary
of Ricardo Lopez":Saturday, November 25, 18:15 in City 7Tuesday,
November 28, 14:30 in City 5
"Free as a
Bird":Sunday, November 26, 14:00 in Filmmuseum - Grolsch
ZaalTuesday, November 28, 12:00 in Filmmuseum - Grolsch