Danish Films in Cannes

Press release14.05.2003Danish cinema is well represented
at this year's International Film Festival in Cannes, which opens
Wednesday 14 May: Lars von Trier's "Dogville" is selected for the Official
Competition, Christoffer Boe's "Reconstruction" for International Critics'
Week and two films from the National Film School of Denmark will also
be screened, one in Cinéfondation, the other
in Critics' Week. Several Danish feature films will be promoted
at Marché du Film and the Scandinavian Terrace quarters at 55 La
"Dogville", produced by Vibeke Windeløv of Zentropa Productions, will
receive its world release Monday 19 May at the Palace. The press
screening and conference will be held on the morning of the same day.
"Reconstruction", produced by Tine Grew Pfeiffer, Åke Sandgren and Lars Kjeldgaard
of Nordisk Film Productions will be screened on Sunday 18th May in
the prestigious International Critics' Week Programme, which qualifies it to
run with 19 other film debuts for the Camera d'Or Award.
Heidi Maria Faisst's graduation film "The Pact", produced by
Elise Lund Larsen at the National Film School, will compete at Cinéfondation,
the film school programme, while another Film School production, Anders
Morgenthaler and producer David Østerbøg's "Araki - The Killing of a
Japanese Photographer", winner of the Critics' Award in Poitiers this
March, will participate in a programme organized by International Critics'
Week. Both films will be screened 22 May.
At the Marché du Film producers and buyers will have an opportunity
to view Nicolas Winding Refn's "Fear X", produced by Henrik Danstrup of
NWR; Jannik Hastrup's animation film "The Boy Who Wanted to Be a
Bear" (co-produced by Marie Bro of Dansk Tegnefilm and Didier Brunnér of
Les Armateurs); and Sami Saif's "Dogville Confessions", produced
by Carsten Holst of Zentropa Real. "Dogville" and "Reconstruction" will
also be screened, while screenings by invitation only have been organized
for Per Fly's Zentropa-produced "Inheritance" and Jannik Johansen's "Stealing
Rembrandt", produced by Thomas Gammeltoft of Fine & Mellow.
For the fourth consecutive year, European
Film Promotion will introduce a group of 21 talented young producers to the press
and film industry under the banner 'Producers on the Move'. Sisse Graum
Olsen, who produced "Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself" for Zentropa and
is producing Thomas Vinterberg's "Dear Wendy" for Lucky Punch, is this year's
Danish 'producer on the move'.
The Scandinavian Terrace is the hub of promotion and sales networking
for Danish films and serves as the festival office for the DFI and its
Scandinavian partners, as well as for the companies Trust Film Sales,
Nordisk Film Sales, NonStop Sales, SF Film and Zentropa.
The DFI magazine 'FILM #29 is published in English on the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival.
The magazine is distributed to the international film sector and press. The
magazine includes interviews with Lars von Trier and Christoffer Boe,
as well as articles on new Danish films and those in progress.
At the DFI website 'Cannes 2003' it is possible to access press material
and screening times for Danish films participating at the
Danish Film Institute Cannes 2003 website: http://www.dfi.dk/sitemod/moduler/index_english.asp?pid=15070 For
further information contact the
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