Danish films to Giffoni

FESTIVAL. Seven Danish films are selected for competition programmes at Giffoni film festival, Europe's biggest film cultural event for children and young people.

Two Danish feature films and five short films are selected for the 40th Giffoni Experience, kicking off 8 July. This is Europe's biggest film cultural event for children and youth and a popular destination for distributors. Also the festival itself selects films and accommodates distribution in Italy. 

Feature films in Giffoni section Elements +10

Karla and Jonas (Charlotte Sachs Bostrup & Nordisk Film, 2010)
Storm (Giacomo Campeotto & ASA Film Production, 2009)




Short films in other sections

The Tweetlings (Tone Tarding, 2009) in Elements +3
Whistleless (Alice de Champfleury, Siri Melchior 2010) in Elements +3
The Fantastic 3 (Esben Tønnesen, 2010) in Elements +6
Benja (Peter Hagelund, 2010) in Elements +13
Beast (Lars p Arendt, 2010) in Troubled Gaze

Giffoni film festival—most necessary

"Of all the festivals in the world, Giffoni film festival is the most necessary," Francois Truffaut once said. So reminisces Claudio Gubitosi, founder and director of the Giffoni Film Festival. Truffaut's participation at Giffoni led to visits from other international guests: Robert De Niro, Sergio Leone, and Michelangelo Antonioni, among others. This year Susan Sarandon and Samuel L. Jackson are among the distinguished guests.

Three thousand jurors, aged 3-23, from 43 countries will evaluate the films of the seven competitive sections.